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September 2008


Looking for a job the old-fashioned way?
Abridged: The New York Times NEW YORK, NY -- Finding a job quickly and easily in today's job market means getting creative! Joshua Persky, an out-of-work investment banker, has been hunting for a job on Wall Street for more than six months. Recently he got so frustrated he decided to get a little creative. Persky, 48, stood on Park Avenue, handing out resumes to passers-by and wearing a sandwich board that said, "Experienced MIT Grad for Hire." The sign included his name and contact information.

But these days, jobs on Wall Street are scarce. Worldwide, banks and securities firms have cut more than 80,000 jobs. Still, a couple of young brokers who passed Persky said they thought his unorthodox methods would pay off. One said Persky had a "first mover's advantage" and that "all this press coverage will probably get him a job." His colleague agreed, saying, "Yeah, there is no question that it is going to work."

It certainly generated some attention. Persky was interviewed by many major news outlets and appeared on Fox and MSNBC. His story went global. Persky recently had one interview with a boutique investment bank and has another one lined up at a hedge fund. MIT alumni have contacted Persky and have tried to help him in his job search. So things are looking a bit brighter for Persky - but nothing solid yet. Nevertheless, he has received hundreds of e-mail messages and phone calls from well-wishers and companies wanting to find out more about him, which puts him in a better position than where he started.

Today's To Do: Find Job
Abridged: Washingtonpost.com WASHINGTON, DC -- It may not show up on your BlackBerry or your team calendar, but Tuesday afternoons and much of Wednesdays have time carved out for an important task. No, it's not for your deadline projects or staff development. It's the job hunt.

In a trend that has held true for three years, job hunting takes off on Monday, peaks on Tuesday and is still very busy on Wednesday, according to Monster.com. Job hunt traffic on Tuesday is 28 percent higher than on Friday, said Steve Sylven, a spokesman for Monster. EQuest, which manages job boards for companies, used to see Tuesdays and Wednesdays as tops for tapping new career possibilities. But in 2007, Americans broadened their search days, and eQuest indicates any weekday from noon to 4 p.m. is busy.

Tuesdays and Wednesdays bring fresh listings -- eQuest and others advise employers to post then, or Sunday night and Monday morning. Hardly anyone spends the weekend hunting for a job. Saturdays and Sundays are the slowest days on Monster.com, and eQuest's data shows less than one-third the traffic to career sites on those days vs. weekdays


Do hiring managers actually read cover letters?
Abridged: Resumesandcoverletters.com
MIAMI, FL -- Think most hiring managers don't read cover letters? The perception that cover letters aren't important anymore is likely fed by the fact that some online job boards don't have a mechanism for submitting cover letters.

More than two-thirds of human-resource managers view well-written, "personalized" cover letters as advantageous to a job applicant, as reported in Resume Writer's Digest. Nearly half believe that cover letters are more important -- or as important as -- resumes.

In still another poll, this one from HRnext/BenefitsNext, 7%of respondents said the cover letter is so important that it can clinch a job, and nearly 40% characterized cover letters as "among the important factors" in the hiring process." "It depends on the job" was the response of 22%, which is important to note for those aspiring to jobs in which they will be judged by how well they express themselves. According to almost 20% of respondents, a good cover letter might land you the job, but an awful one will throw you out of contention.

Survey: Boomers find new careers
Abridged: The Daily Advertiser LAFAYETTE, LA -- A new telephone and Internet survey indicates millions of baby boomers are either feeling stuck in their current job and quitting or coming out of retirement to pursue new careers. Boomers are seeking "encore careers" that not only give them personal meaning but also contribute to society.

Encore careers are defined as those that combine income, meaning and social purpose. They include jobs in the medical, education and non-profit sectors, such as teachers, social entrepreneurs and nurses. The survey at Civicventures.org by the non-profit MetLife Foundation and San Francisco Civic Ventures, a national think tank, shows 6% to 9.5% of adults age 44 to 70 are pursuing encore careers that give them both an income and meaning.

Researchers were surprised by the high numbers. The findings are evidence of a growing social phenomenon. Millions of Americans are already blazing a trail and working in encore careers. The boomer population is so large - 78 million to 79 million - that the movement could have a tremendous effect on society in general.

In a job interview, expect the unexpected
Abridged: ScrippsNews.com
Unusual interview questions are becoming quite popular with hiring managers and interviewers. More and more employers are using non-standard questions in their interviews. While not everyone answers all interview questions well, everyone should be prepared to answer the "tell me about yourself" and "what are your strengths and weaknesses" questions.

Interviewers will use unusual questions to assess how well you think on your feet. While most of these questions do not have right and wrong answers, they demonstrate quick thinking, poise, creativity and even a sense of humor. There is no way to be prepared for "off the wall" questions, so the interviewer observes how well you respond and compose your thoughts. "It's not about the answer! The interviewer cares much more about how you arrive at whatever answer you get than what that answer is," says Leo Notenboom, author of "10 Quick Steps To Interviewing For Tech Jobs."

Regardless of the strangeness of some interview questions, always end an interview by reaffirming your interest in the position and restating why you believe you are uniquely qualified for it.

We need your help; good people always seem to know good people - that's why we place a high value on the recommendations we receive from our candidates. If the person you refer for one of these four positions is hired we’ll send you a $250.00 gift card. For a complete list of all open jobs please visit us at http://www.greenlinegroup.net/jobs.htm

 Wet Process Manager (Texas and PA)
Our client’s need a Wet Process Manager.  This position requires an individual who can work in a fast-paced production environment.

 Job duties include:  managing the areas of artwork preparation, photo printing, solder mask, plating, and etching.  Overseeing an allocating personnel, material, and equipment resources to meet production schedules. 

 Monitoring production and quality performance and adjusting resources as necessary to meet production and quality goals.  Working with other departments such as Engineering, Quality Assurance, and Facilities to obtain necessary support to meet production and quality objectives.  Preparing performance appraisals, training plans, coaching documents, and other written tools for development of employees.  Implementing statistical process control (SPC), lean manufacturing, and team building to improve the production and quality performance of these manufacturing areas.

The successful candidate will possess, as a minimum, a Bachelor degree in a technical or business discipline. This position requires, at minimum, 8 years of experience in manufacturing environment, in printed circuit board fabrication.

Managing Director (Germany)
Managing Director is responsible and accountable for the coordination of the operational activities associated with the manufacturing of Printed Circuit Boards to meet or exceed requirements of quality and delivery performance to the end user.

uties include but are not limited to:

·Achievement of production goals through managing improvement in production output, including researching and developing methods to ensure and increase efficiency and productivity.

· Analyzing the manufacturing process and developing, staffing and scheduling routines within the process to meet output requirements and analyzing and eliminating non value added activities.

· Establish, monitor and maintain performance measurements in yield, manpower and throughput, ensuring they are visible throughout.

· Working with counterparts in Engineering and Quality through participation in daily Materials Review Board (MRB) to review process performance measures and discrepant material reports and develop corrective action plans to reduce manufacturing costs and improvement  through-put

· Participate in quarterly quality reviews, in addition to the continuous collection of data on problems and issues to be prioritized and solved.

· Sign off on process deviations and Engineering Change Notifications (ECN’s)

· Approve all new and revised process instructions

· Maintain positive rapport with all support groups through a teamwork approach

· Select develop train and appraise all members of production management staff

· Actively participate to ensure compliance of quality programs throughout manufacturing

· Other duties and projects as assigned.

Account Manager San Francisco Bay Area
Job Description: Account Manager in San Francisco Bay Area Reports To: Vice President Sales.  Area: To provide direct sales support for our Client for the development of new business opportunities. Our client is a manufacturer of printed circuit boards and printed circuit board assemblies, for the electronics industry. Responsibilities:

• Direct sales responsibility for the development of new accounts and growth in major accounts in the Bay Area of California. New accounts are defined as those that will be qualified as good potential revenue accounts for our Client.

• Work closely with customers, program management, manufacturing, engineering and materials to achieve the closing of new business and meet projected budget goals.

• Will need to provide detailed account profiles as contacts are made and potential or existing customers’ needs become available.

• Outline and prepare New Business Opportunity reports.

• Must have experience within the printed circuit board and / or EMS industry. • Excellent organizational and communications skills.

• Ability to travel 50% + of the time, within North America and Asia.

• Prefer candidate with college degree.

• Prefer local candidate, currently based in the CA Bay Area.

Quality Engineer - Midwest
Tasks: Includes but not limited to: aiding in the analysis of products and processes to elaborate response to current quality issues and work towards eliminating future quality problems; responsibility over the customer complaint process including writing of corrective action reports, development of quality improvement plans; act as a liaison in planning, communicating and resolving quality issues; assist in manufacturing and engineering in identifying and eliminating root cause failures; prepare procedures related to the quality function; work the necessary hours to fulfill the business demands.

Qualifications: Must have: 2 years in Quality Engineering activities, 2 years experience in Printed circuit board manufacturing and/or assembly manufacturing environment, ASQ certification strong knowledge of ISO requirements and MIL-31032/MIL55110, good communication skills

Please take a moment and email us with an updated resume if you have not done so recently. resume@greenlinegroup.net

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