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Septermber 2006

The Greenline Report

News for Your Career in the Electronics Industry

September 2006


Before changing jobs consider pros, cons
Abridged: The Wall Street Journal NEW YORK, NY -- Over the summer, Michele Houde faced a dilemma. The 35-year-old Atlanta executive enjoyed her marketing post at a big media company. Then a software company offered an intriguing job, with more responsibility and the chance to build her own staff. But the software company was smaller, and the offer didn't include a big raise. Houde wondered how to decide.

An improving job market means more opportunities to change jobs. It's a fortunate position to be in, of course, but it also makes for some tough decisions. If you're happy, it is hard to tell whether another firm might be even better. And if you dislike your job, jumping too hastily might lead to something even worse. When there is no obvious lure such as a big promotion or significant raise, how do you decide?

Jacqui Barrett, a career coach in Overland Park, Kan., suggests evaluating whether your current job is advancing you toward longer-term goals. If a new job would put you on a clearer path, it is probably the better choice, even if you are currently content. Making a career move is a tough decision. Evaluate if the potential new job will advance you toward longer-term goals

Steps for finding your dream job again
Abridged: Surpassyourdreams.com LOS ANGELES, CA -- Remember that you are worthy of your dreams! Recognizing this is the hardest and most necessary step towards achieving them. Most of us think that only other people land the job of their dreams. Thoughts like that only keep you from moving forward and being happy. Your dreams are important too.

At some point, you may have forgotten your dreams. Start to remember by taking out a piece of paper and writing them down. Recall what they were, and how excited you used to be when you thought about them. It might be difficult at first, so consider taking a couple of personality and career assessment tests to help you get started. Your career goals and dreams will come back to you.

It's also important to push past fear! Every time you move past fear you make yourself stronger for the next obstacle. Always keep in mind that action is what propels you forward. Your personal and career life is moving forward whether you are working towards your goals and dreams -or not. So, wouldn't it be better to take one action each day that will get you closer? Dreams are attained in little steps. Most importantly, remember to never give up!

Balancing your work and personal life
Abridged: StarTribune.com SACRAMENTO, CA -- Success comes in different forms for different people. Some professionals base success on making as much money as possible. For others, it's about working less, and spending more time doing things they enjoy outside of work.

It's important to remember that you were hired and are being paid to do a job. When you work, do a good job and follow through on your responsibilities. Be respectful of others, and listen to and try to understand their concerns and support their goals whenever you can. Don't spend time explaining or apologizing for your priorities - focus on making a contribution when you are at work, and your outside life won't even be brought up.

When you are not at work, focus on the things you enjoy and come back refreshed and ready to go. It's also important to keep in mind that what works for you might not work for others. Don't judge an individual because of his or her professional or personal lifestyle or choices. Bottom line, behave like a professional. The notion of an honest day's work for an honest day's pay doesn't change just because someone wants to have an outside life.

Unemployment rate hits 5-month high
Abridged: Associated Press WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Hiring slowed in July as employers added just 113,000 new jobs, propelling the unemployment rate to a 5-month high of 4.8% and providing fresh evidence that companies are growing cautious amid high energy prices.

The latest snapshot from the Labor Department added to the evidence from a variety of economic barometers that the economy is slowing. The tally of new jobs last month was weaker than the 124,000 added in June and was the lowest total since May, when payrolls grew by 100,000.

"Businesses are guarded as they see a downshifting of economic growth, rising energy prices and higher interest rates," said Ken Mayland, president of ClearView Economics. The civilian unemployment rate jumped from 4.6% in June to 4.8% in July. Workers' average hourly earnings rose to $16.76 in July, 0.4 percent higher than in June. Economists anticipated a 0.3 percent rise. Wage growth is welcomed by workers.

Country at odds over raising the minimum wage
Abridged: MercuryNews.com WASHINGTON, D.C. -- With House Republicans poised to back an increase in the federal minimum wage, labor unions were voicing support for the effort while some businesses were arguing that an increase would mean job cuts for low-skilled workers.

The minimum wage has been $5.15 since 1997. House Democrats have called for an increase to $7.25 over 30 months - a 40 percent increase for the estimated 7 million workers who work for the federal minimum. Bill Samuel, legislative director for the AFL-CIO, said an increase is long overdue and that resulting expendable income could be a stimulus for local economies.

But some say an increase is not a good idea. Mark Flynn, legislative director for the Employment Policies Institute, a think tank financed by business, said wage hikes might mean job cuts for low-skilled employees. "What you find ... is that the consequences are never what you think they're going to be," Flynn said. If the minimum wage goes up, workers such as teens who live at home will flock to jobs now held by the working poor. Even if businesses can get by paying higher wages without job cuts, he said, the face of minimum wage is likely to change.

Considering relocation? Plan ahead!
Abridged: ADVANCE Newsmagazines KING OF PRUSSIA, PA -- If you are considering a new position that requires relocation, don't delay in doing your homework. Investigate and compare the cost of living in the proposed location with your current position. Websites such as Homefair.com will calculate from your current salary and location what you would need to make in another location to break even.

You should also contact realtors in the area for information and look at listings for homes online. Find out about property taxes and state taxes. If your spouse needs to find new employment, investigate area employers.

If you have special needs or interests such as a son who plays in a traveling hockey league or a daughter who is training for the Olympics, talk with people in the community to find out what your options might be for those activities. Look into recreational pursuits available in the area that would be attractive to your family. If you decide that you can commit to relocation and want to pursue a new opportunity, be prepared to negotiate on what you will need to help make the move.

We need your help; listed below are the five most rewarding positions that need a qualified referral for. If the person you refer for one of these five positions is hired we’ll send you a $100.00 gift card. For a complete list of all open jobs please visit us at http://www.greenlinegroup.net/jobs.htm

Manufacturing Engineer – Improve overall product quality and manufacturing efficiency by developing production processes and improving existing processes.  Identify changes to products that will improve the overall manufacturability of the product.  Develops manufacturing processes and identifies and implements improvements to existing processes by working with Manufacturing Supervisor and CVT teams to evaluate, define, and implement improvements to reduce cycle time and production variances.  Initiate, maintain, and train on process control requirements and ensure that the Control Plans are created and maintained.  Identifies and resolves potential manufacturing problems by working with project engineers, quality, manufacturing and customers.  Evaluate current equipment and processes and offer suggestions as to how they can be modified to improve quality, efficiency, and safety.  Work with new product introductions to identify issues and problems before units are built and work to implement processes up front on these assemblies.  Identify issues from 1st article builds that require changes to processes and design and work to implement changes.  Generate technical reports for engineering, manufacturing and customers in a timely manner.   Designs, replaces and improves general manufacturing tooling.  Develop and lead evaluations/experiments (Design of Experiments) to validate improvements and changes to processes and equipment.

Front End Engineering Manager – Canada – Responsible for all engineering activities, including technology road maps, research and development, processing engineering, product engineering and revenue generation. 10+ years experience required.

Quality Manager – Southwest
Our client has an opening for a senior level quality manager that has experience maintaining certifications, writing corrective actions to departments that are violating written procedures. Candidate needs to have extensive background in PCB manufacturing, mil spec, ISO, in a high technology product environment. Must have strong customer interaction skills.

Process Chemical Engineer – Plating (Midwest)
Primary responsibility is sustaining of processes in the Plating area in support of the manufacturing of printed circuit boards. Responsible for production support, process evaluation, and improvement of manufacturing processes utilizing statistical experimental methodologies, DOE (Design of Experiments), project management for capital equipment justification and installation of high velocity production systems. Interfaces with manufacturing, engineering, suppliers, and customers. Specific expertise in electrolytic and electroless plating techniques desired. Requires exceptional, demonstrated ability in both technical circuit board technology techniques, and general communication and leadership skills. Bachelor or Master of Science in Chemical Engineering, Industrial / Manufacturing or related field preferred with 3-5 years experience in circuit board manufacturing.

Director of Engineering
Responsible for all engineering activities, including technology road maps, research and development, process engineering, product engineering, and revenue generation. Requires a Bachelor's Degree in a related engineering discipline and 8+ years of experience

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