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November 2006


If you want an easy job, consider this advice
Abridged: CareerJournal.com LAS VEGAS, NV -- What is the world's easiest job? The answer will depend on the individual. What seems "easy" to one person may be excruciating for another. If you're looking for effortless employment, here are some things to keep in mind when making a career decision.

  • If you hate your job, it will be hard. The key to finding a job that seems easy is to identify activities you enjoy. When you do what you like to do, it becomes fun; it becomes easy.
  • Strike a balance between ease and effort. A job that isn't challenging usually won't feel easy, because being bored all day isn't satisfying.
  • Put yourself in a comfortable environment. Your work environment plays a large role in whether a job seems easy.

Also, the people you work with can have a big impact on how much you like your job. If you like to be around people, take a job where you'll get to interact often. If you prefer solitude, take a job where you have time alone. Beware of get-rich-quick schemes. Still thinking about that infomercial you saw on TV that promised easy money? If an offer sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Job market improving during next 6 months
Abridged: Execunet.com WASHINGTON, D.C. -- According to the survey of 100 executive recruiters, 77% are confident that the executive employment market will improve during the next six months -- up from 74% last month and nearing an all time high of 80% reached in March 2006.

For executives thinking about exploring new career options - this is definitely a great time to take action. In addition to a considerable increase in the number of opportunities available, executive compensation packages continue to expand as companies look to increase their competitiveness in a new war for talent.

In an effort to keep up with the rapid pace of growth in the executive employment market, search firms continue to expand to better meet the needs of clients. In September, the majority of executive recruiting firms (60%) reported plans to hire additional professional staff in the next three months, which is considerably higher than the number of firms that added staff during the past three months (43%).

Resume flaws to avoid
Abridged: Jobhunter.com SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- Are you sabotaging your job search? Nothing slows a busy reader faster than sections of text that go on and on. Try to limit all paragraphs in a resume to three or four lines at most this will make it easier to read. Resumes with five or more different fonts and sizes, look like they have been pasted together. To avoid distracting readers, limit yourself to two fonts in your resume -- three at most.

If you need miniscule letters to fit the text of your resume onto one or two pages, you're hurting your chances. A font smaller than 11 points will cause readers to do one of three things: squint, look for a magnifying glass, or pitch the offending resume.

A jam-packed resume will look unprofessional. Try to leave a margin of at least 0.5" along the top and bottom, and 0.9" on the sides. A two-page resume is perfectly acceptable, so feel free to use more than one page if you just can't cut the content. Follow these guidelines to avoid the design flaws that prevent employers from giving your resume serious consideration. When in doubt, run your resume by at least three friends for their honest input.

Identify your barriers and move on...
Abridged: MyCareerSite WOODLAND HILLS, CA -- The first step in moving in a positive direction is to identify your barriers and your roadblocks. Come to terms with these barriers and make the decision to move on. Keep in mind that there are the career barriers that are imposed on us, and there ones we impose on ourselves. The ones we impose on ourselves are the ones we have to take total control over.

The state of the national economy or the condition of your industry are things you have absolutely no control over. So instead of dwelling on them, realize that there is nothing you can do about it. Barriers you do have control over include: living in the past, over-identification with a job title and undermining your skills and motivation.

You should have "barriers" checkpoints during your job search. At some point, many job seekers realize that some things they are doing are not working. When you see this in your job search, stop, take one step back, re-evaluate your process, identify the glitches, fix them, and move on.

Job Seekers: Protect your social security number
Abridged: PrivacyRights.org LOS ANGELES, CA -- Some legitimate online job application sites and employment kiosks may sometimes ask for your Social Security number (SSN) and date of birth prior to posting a resume or applying for a job. (For example, www.sportsauthority.com, www.albertsons.com, usajobs.opm.gov, studentjobs.gov, and many state job sites request this information.) Some of these sites conduct instant SSN matching or background checks on your information to verify it.

It is the position of the World Privacy Forum that you as a job seeker should never have to submit your SSN or date of birth prior to applying for a job, especially online where verification of where the SSN is going is more challenging. Broad dissemination of your SSN can lead to identity theft. It is appropriate for you to allow a serious employer to use your SSN and date of birth to conduct a background check after you have engaged in the interview process.

Not all sites that request your SSN and date of birth are legitimate. As a general rule, you should not supply this information up front, especially in combination with your credit card information.

We need your help; listed below are five very rewarding positions that we need qualified referrals for. If the person you refer for one of these five positions is hired we’ll send you a $100.00 gift card. For a complete list of all open jobs please visit us at http://www.greenlinegroup.net/jobs.htm

Production Manager – East Coast
Direct and manage operations of a $10M PCB manufacturing facility to meet the following metrics: On time delivery, damage/yield, productivity, safety, customer satisfaction, cost budget. Develop people: Customer focused ongoing means of involving and developing all employees; continuously improve employee relations. Drive TQC/Continuous improvement: Prioritize and improve processes, improve product quality. Provide leadership: Vision, communications, motivating others, expect, inspect and enforce. Must have five plus years of PCB manufacturing experience. Offers a competitive benefit package.

Product Engineer – 2nd & 3rd Shift
Overview of Core Responsibilities:
Assist in building complex hire product under the guidance of senior personnel. Ability to carry a project through to completion. To train in all aspects of PCB manufacturing and bring enhancements to the process from that experience. Maintain detailed training log. Expedite jobs to maintain adherence to predetermined schedule. Submit ideas to support and improve process and product development.
Analyze the cost of specific R&D type work, and prepare recommendations as to the viability of certain product types.
Critical Success Factors: Interpersonal skills, attention to detail, team player, and materials science background or prior high performance PCB manufacturing experience (exotic materials, heat sinks, metal core PCBs, sequentially laminated PCBs)
Education Required: Engineering or Technical degree
Special Skill(s) Required: Willingness to learn, strong work ethic, self-motivator and basic computer skills

Manufacturing Engineer – Improve overall product quality and manufacturing efficiency by developing production processes and improving existing processes.  Identify changes to products that will improve the overall manufacturability of the product.  Develops manufacturing processes and identifies and implements improvements to existing processes by working with Manufacturing Supervisor and CVT teams to evaluate, define, and implement improvements to reduce cycle time and production variances.  Initiate, maintain, and train on process control requirements and ensure that the Control Plans are created and maintained.  Identifies and resolves potential manufacturing problems by working with project engineers, quality, manufacturing and customers.  Evaluate current equipment and processes and offer suggestions as to how they can be modified to improve quality, efficiency, and safety.  Work with new product introductions to identify issues and problems before units are built and work to implement processes up front on these assemblies.  Identify issues from 1st article builds that require changes to processes and design and work to implement changes.  Generate technical reports for engineering, manufacturing and customers in a timely manner.   Designs, replaces and improves general manufacturing tooling.  Develop and lead evaluations/experiments (Design of Experiments) to validate improvements and changes to processes and equipment.

Process Chemical Engineer – Plating (Midwest & East Coast)
Primary responsibility is sustaining of processes in the Plating area in support of the manufacturing of printed circuit boards. Responsible for production support, process evaluation, and improvement of manufacturing processes utilizing statistical experimental methodologies, DOE (Design of Experiments), project management for capital equipment justification and installation of high velocity production systems. Interfaces with manufacturing, engineering, suppliers, and customers. Specific expertise in electrolytic and electroless plating techniques desired. Requires exceptional, demonstrated ability in both technical circuit board technology techniques, and general communication and leadership skills. Bachelor or Master of Science in Chemical Engineering, Industrial / Manufacturing or related field preferred with 3-5 years experience in circuit board manufacturing.

CAM Engineer (Valor) Rocky Mountains, Midwest & Southwest
Under general supervision utilizes workstation to create & inspect manufacturing toolings from customers' data files. Modifies various aspects of PCB image, e.g., line widths, pad sizes, date codes, etc., to comply with specific Engineering standards. Completes required documentation and signoffs on the completed files. Processes package along to Documentation Control. Performs required file maintenance.

Please take a moment and email us with an updated resume if you have not done so recently. resume@greenlinegroup.net

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