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May 2007


Interviewers still expect a ‘Thank You’
Abridged: MSNBC.com NEW YORK, NY -- So you were able to land an interview and you have a feeling it went quite well. Now what? You go home and wait for the phone to ring? No! Get cracking on those thank-you notes! You might be thinking I sound like a throwback from the workplace dark ages for even suggesting such a thing, but actually thank-you notes can still play an important role when you're trying to land the job you want.

It's hard to find solid statistics on how many job applicants send thank-you notes these days, but most surveys estimate the number is well under 40 percent. This despite the fact that when asked, most hiring managers say they expect a note of gratitude post interview.”It's a lost art," laments Angela Barfield, a manager for CBIZ Human Capital Services and a headhunter with 25 years of experience who has seen the prevalence of thank-you notes slowly diminish in the past 10 years. But a note just could clinch the job for you.

I would always send a thank-you note via snail mail. But since you know time is of the essence you might want to drop the note off with the person at the front desk. Also don't go thank-you note crazy. Just make sure the person that holds the main decision-making power gets your message of gratitude.

Reaching out to Executive Recruiters
Abridged: The Career Journal NEW YORK, NY -- Building relationships with recruiters may expose you to career opportunities that you might not learn about otherwise. Most employers don't advertise the positions they hire recruiters to help fill, which are typically a firm's most senior and highest-paying. And search executives usually promote their services to employers, not job hunters.

Identifying and connecting with recruiters who specialize in your area of expertise can be very worthwhile -- though candidates should remember that recruiters are paid by the employer, and will put that employer's interests first. Such niche recruiters aren't always easy to find, so job seekers might need to use creative tactics.


Breathing new life into your job interests & future
Abridged: The New Your Time NEW YORK, NY -- Gone are the days when a person was forced to stay in one job from the beginning to the end of their career. Nowadays, there are more opportunities to develop multiple career paths. Change can shape and mold a person into a rebirth of their job interests and future. Keeping this perspective in mind, you can reach your true potential as long as you stay focused and are able to determine your strengths, weaknesses and interests.

With the Internet Age, and the downsizings and terminations of so many of the dot-com employees, there was great opportunity to explore new career paths. The common motivating factors driving individuals to pursue career changes is the desire for positive change in their life and to learn something new.

Another sign of changing times is the need to balance one's personal life with their professional life. That leads to the acceptance of such novelties as telecommuting and flex time. It's refreshing to see change for the positive aspects of life and the individual. A determined individual is able to create and mold a career path that suits them, though it may take a few careers before they reach their goal.

Hunting for the jolly ‘green’ job
Abridged: Sustainable Life For people who believe in 'green living,' the desire to work for a company with the same values is only natural. Sustainability focused companies have the same hopes, eager to hire employees with their principles. There are several national job search engines that focus exclusively on connecting green employees with green companies. SustainableBusiness.com and GreenBiz.com both feature national job listings.

SustainableBusiness.com started 10 years ago. The company's job service, Green Dream Jobs, lists between 200 and 300 jobs a day and attracts 25,000 visitors a month. "When the Internet first started, the only way people found out about green jobs was through mailed newsletters," says Rona Fried, president of the New York-based SustainableBusiness.com. "A lot of people have sustainability values and want a source to locate good jobs. We're offering a real solution to a need that exists."

GreenBiz.com was launched in 2000 by Joel Makower. The Oakland, California based site features both technical and general jobs for green companies. According to Makower, the site hosts between 200 to 300 job postings and receives traffic of more than 150,000 visitors a month. "The environment is too important to be left just to the environmental departments of companies. What's been exciting about GreenBiz.com is the number of talented and committed people after "green and clean" job opportunities around the world," Makower says.

BBB reports ongoing online job scams
Abridged: Orange County News BEAUMONT, TX -- The Better Business Bureau today issued a warning advising job-seekers to beware of misleading online job postings and employment arrangements aimed at stealing money and identities. "Job scams prey on a victim's willingness to trust an 'employer' by offering high paying jobs to con workers into revealing personal information, such as Social Security or bank account numbers," said Michael Clayton, President / CEO of the Better Business Bureau serving all Southeast Texas.

No profession or position appears to be immune. Through posting resumes online and replying to advertised positions, victims report scams associated with diverse jobs and career fields such as mystery shoppers, IT assistants, quality control administrators, export/import specialists, bookkeepers, journalists, engineers, construction workers, "government" agents and security experts. The BBB advises job-hunters to refrain from including their Social Security Number, birth date, or college graduation date in resumes that are posted online.

A common denominator in all online job scams is the employer's lack of interest in meeting the employee. There is no job interview and the job applicant is not invited to the place of business. "Essentially, the employee is hired sight unseen to do a virtual job for a nonexistent company. Trustworthy businesses want to meet prospective employees face-to-face, discuss their experience and qualifications, check references and only then, make a job offer," Clayton said.

We need your help; listed below are five very rewarding positions that we need qualified referrals for. If the person you refer for one of these five positions is hired we’ll send you a $100.00 gift card. For a complete list of all open jobs please visit us at http://www.greenlinegroup.net/jobs.htm

Director of Engineering (Southwest US & Europe)
Multiple Positions
Responsible for all engineering activities, including technology road maps, research and development, processing engineering, product engineering, and revenue generation for a Printed Circuit Board facility. Requires a Bachelor's Degree. Direct manufacturing experience a big plus.

Department Managers – Imaging & Mechanical (China)
Multiple Positions

Supervisors and coordinates the activities of all personnel engaged in the manufacture of printed circuit boards in their department. Take action to resolve technical and/or personnel problems that may adversely affect schedule/quality performance. Enforce shop rules and safety practices in accordance with Company Policies. Assure product quality goals are met or exceeded.

Sr. R&D Chemist (China)
Resin, Laminates, Epoxy & Polymers

·         Advanced degree preferred – Polymer Chemistry is ideal or equitant discipline

·         3 years industrial experience

·         Formulation experience – Resin, Laminates, Epoxy

·         Troubleshoot problems using FTIR, TMA, TGA and GCMS

·         Printed Circuit Board, PWB experience helpful

·         Ability to work close to customers

·         Assist sales and technical staff

Quality Engineer - (Canada)
Review, handle and provides technical support to external and internal customers for quality issues and facilitate the corrective action implementation. Provide supervision, and assigning and supervising work direction of others.

Managing Director (Europe)

Managing Director is responsible and accountable for the coordination of the operational activities associated with the manufacturing of Printed Circuit Boards to meet or exceed requirements of quality and delivery performance to the end user.

Duties include but are not limited to:

·         Achievement of production goals through managing improvement in production output, including researching and developing methods to ensure and increase efficiency and productivity.

·         Analyzing the manufacturing process and developing, staffing and scheduling routines within the process to meet output requirements and analyzing and eliminating non value added activities.

·         Establish, monitor and maintain performance measurements in yield, manpower and throughput, ensuring they are visible throughout.

·         Working with counterparts in Engineering and Quality through participation in daily Materials Review Board (MRB) to review process performance measures and discrepant material reports and develop corrective action plans to reduce manufacturing costs and improvement  through-put

·         Participate in quarterly quality reviews, in addition to the continuous collection of data on problems and issues to be prioritized and solved.

·         Sign off on process deviations and Engineering Change Notifications (ECN’s)

·         Approve all new and revised process instructions

·         Maintain positive rapport with all support groups through a teamwork approach

·         Select develop train and appraise all members of production management staff

·         Actively participate to ensure compliance of quality programs throughout manufacturing

·         Other duties and projects as assigned.

Please take a moment and email us with an updated resume if you have not done so recently. resume@greenlinegroup.net

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