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March 2008


How to address a bad recommendation
Abridged: Careersearch.com HERNDON, VA -- It happens to the best of job seekers - that one past supervisor with nothing good to say about you. Inevitably your job search may bring you around to that perpetual question - "Can we call your last supervisor?" How do you field that question with delicacy without giving up on the new job?

Consider the worst case scenario. What is the worst thing your supervisor would have to say about you? Do you have a difficult time getting to work on time? Why not use the interview as a chance to rave about how much more convenient your new workplace would be for you? Did you find yourself in over your head? "This job would be a great chance for me to learn new skills." Make sure to emphasize that you are seeking out a better fit for your strengths where you can really shine.

If all fails, find reassurance. These days most employers will do little more than confirm dates of employment. Be sure to include other references who will be willing to rave about you and you can dodge that bad reference to win the job.

Body language during an interview
Abridged: Lockergnome.com SCOTTSDALE, AZ -- You've put together the perfect resume and landed an interview. You have also spent time polishing your physical appearance, wanting to make a great first impression. At the interview, you greet and shake hands with each interviewer. You slouch down in the chair, cross your legs and let one shake idly over the other. You fold your arms across your chest.

Using the example above, you were doing great, up until sitting down with your interviewers. Body language can leave a very negative impression in a job interview. Slouching, idly shaking your leg and crossing your arms are all things you should NOT do during an interview.

Here are just a few tips on how to give off a great first impression. Make sure to sit up straight. This position makes you appear engaged and interested. Always display enthusiasm by smiling, nodding and making positive gestures to show your enthusiasm and interest in the job. Be sure to stay attentive, while making eye contact with each person who interviews you.


Catching the right attention with your resume
Abridged: Lockergnome.com ISSAQUAH, WA -- Human Resources departments receive resumes in such large volumes that potential employers spend as little as 10-20 seconds reviewing each one. What does this mean to you as a job seeker? It means that you have approximately 10 seconds to catch a potential employer's attention.

Here are a few ideas you can use to help generate interest in your resume. First, begin your resume with a quick summary of your qualifications. It should contain a few short bullets that highlight your top talents and skills. Consider using keywords throughout your resume since many companies use keywords to sort and file resumes. Many job postings are loaded with industry and position specific buzzwords. Take your cues straight from the source and include those same words in your resume.

To find more keywords, read trade magazines, research industry trends and visit professional association web sites. By including key pieces of information and highlighting the information that is relevant to the position you are applying for, you're more likely to catch the eye of a potential employer during those few critical seconds.


Job Seekers: Keeping the right perspective
Abridged: CareerSetEtc.com SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- Most of us prefer a full-time, 40-hour-a-week job. We tend to like weekends off, and, if we are skilled, expect appropriate compensation for the value we provide to a company. Does any of this sound like what you get from temporary jobs? Well, no. But such jobs can be valuable career builders, provided you keep the right perspective

If you're in a temp job situation, waiting for the right career break, it is essential to not let discouragement get the better of you. The most important thing to remember is that the circumstances you're facing now are not permanent. Things can and do change in a hurry, but you've got to stay positive.

Perhaps more to the point, temporary jobs can be a character-building experience. If you weather several months of this and are able to stay positive, at the end, you'll be a stronger and more capable person. Then when the right opportunity does finally come along, you'll be ready. You will believe in yourself and your abilities, knowing that you can make it through tough situations. Your confidence will go a long way in getting you the job you've been waiting for.

How to recession-proof your career
Abridged: The Wall Street Journal NEW YORK, NY -- Recession fears are causing more than just stock-market jitters this winter. They're also shaking some workers' confidence. Even if there isn't an official recession, a number of areas are already seeing layoffs and hiring freezes. Here are some strategies for recession-proofing your career.

Stick around. If you work for a company in distress, your first instinct may be to jump ship. But if your new employer later decides to lay off workers, you'll likely be most at risk of getting a pink slip. Be a good sport. Following layoffs, you may be asked to take on additional work that was part of a former employee's responsibilities. Haven't been asked to take on extra projects? Volunteer to help. Work harder and smarter. Act the way you did when you were gunning for a promotion. Companies are less likely to get rid of star performers.

Prepare for the worst ahead of time by making sure your resume is up to date. Network now. Don't wait until you need help finding a job. Take a pay cut. Consider offering to accept a temporary salary reduction. Search internally. If you see a layoff coming in your division or department, it may be easier to search for another position at your current firm.

We need your help; good people always seem to know good people - that's why we place a high value on the recommendations we receive from our candidates. If the person you refer for one of these five positions is hired we’ll send you a $250.00 gift card. For a complete list of all open jobs please visit us at http://www.greenlinegroup.net/jobs.htm


PCB Application Engineer West Coast
1. The individual could be located in AZ, CA, OR, WA or CO.

2. Provide support to the business manager technically and commercially by providing information quotation information to enable the business development manager to follow-up successfully with the customer(s).

3. Understand the requirements of the customer and address them through the vendors or other sources.

4. Resolve technical issues arising at the customer and vendor’ end.

5. Develop system and procedures to ensure supplies and deliveries are effected as per plan and customer’s requirements.

6. Develop vendors for the organization.

7. Work closely with QC representatives in the field to ensure products are shipped with zero defects.

8. In depth knowledge of requirements ISO, QS, TS, APQP, PPAP as relevant to the technology/ product areas - PCB and PCBA/EMS.

9. Remain updated with developments in the specific products and technology areas that are of direct interest to the employer’s business interest and provide feedback to enable the organization to leverage growth based on such developments.

10. Must have a MIL experience in the PCB industry.

10. Must be a hands on person.

PCB Sales Manager West Coast

Our client is a leading manufacturer of state-of-the-art printed circuit boards for Aviation, Space and Medical applications.  The company has a solid reputation of success in manufacturing the most challenging circuit board designs while maintaining the highest levels of product quality.  We have maintained consistent and stable growth for the 25 years, hold an ISO certification and have been granted the distinguished status of being named preferred supplier of numerous aerospace companies.

We are seeking a professional energetic PCB Sales Manager with a passion for excellence in customer satisfaction.

Job Description 

Candidate selection will be made on the following capabilities and attributes:

Strong written and verbal communication skills

Excellent organizational and follow-up skills

Multi-tasking, high energy individual

A passion for customer satisfaction

Minimum of two years customer service experience in the PCB industry

Thorough understanding of the PCB manufacturing process

Fluency in reading and interpreting drawings and specifications

Definite Plus:

Military or Aerospace market background

Flex and Rigid-Flex circuit board knowledge

Wet Process Manager
Our client needs Wet Process Manager.  This position requires an individual who can work in a fast-paced production environment, in multiple facilities.  Job duties include:  managing the areas of artwork preparation, photo printing, solder mask, plating, and etching.  Overseeing an allocating personnel, material, and equipment resources to meet production schedules.  Monitoring production and quality performance and adjusting resources as necessary to meet production and quality goals.  Working with other departments such as Engineering, Quality Assurance, and Facilities to obtain necessary support to meet production and quality objectives.  Preparing performance appraisals, training plans, coaching documents, and other written tools for development of employees.  Implementing statistical process control (SPC), lean manufacturing, and team building to improve the production and quality performance of these manufacturing areas.

The successful candidate will possess, as a minimum, a Bachelor degree in a technical or business discipline. This position requires, at minimum, 8 years of experience in manufacturing environment, in printed circuit board fabrication.

Sales Director – Semiconductor Capital Equipment – Taiwan
Key attributes for the ideal candidate include:
Minimum 5 years
of relevant experience in sales, marketing or application of semiconductor equipment products in Taiwanese market. Prefer related business development experience in the semiconductor capital equipment and industrial markets. Leverage resources and sell all products solutions and services into assigned prospects and new divisions of existing customers. Drive revenue and close opportunities by matching our client solutions to customer decision makers.
Identify opportunities to develop a sales proposition. Ability to establish and build relationships at all levels. Ability to identify and sell our client solutions to meet account needs. Coordinate all resources working with account through close of sale and hand off to Program Managers. Demonstrated ability to make continuous improvements in high demand, dynamic industry. Strong command of business and technical abilities required penetrate and grow key customers and accounts.

Strong presentation, sales, negotiation and influencing skills. Strong network of OEM's in semiconductor capital equipment and industrial markets.
Additional requirements:
Prefer Bachelors business or technical discipline or equivalent certification and experience.
Must be willing to travel up to 50% throughout Asia.

Must have excellent command of both English and Mandarin.

Technical Sales Manager – Taiwan & Malaysia

We are seeking a Technical Sales Manager to be based in Taiwan. The individual should possess a strong background in the support of solder assembly products or solder assembly capital equipment; with applications including SMT, wave soldering, and hand soldering. Frequent domestic and international travel is necessary for this position.

Please take a moment and email us with an updated resume if you have not done so recently. resume@greenlinegroup.net

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