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News for Your Career in the Electronics Industry

June 2008


The Greenline Report

News for Your Career in the Electronics Industry

June 2008


Why employees want to leave their current job
Abridged: Salary.com LOS AANGELES, CA -- According to Salary.com's recent Employee Job Satisfaction and Retention Survey, 62 percent of employees plan on looking for a new job in the next three months. Dissatisfied employees have cited a variety of reasons for their desire to leave their company, including lack of opportunity for advancement, no recognition for achievements, insufficient benefits and even boredom.

Trumping all reasons for why employees want to leave their current job is that they think they are underpaid. Nearly 50 percent of employees cited inadequate compensation as the primary reason they want to walk out the door. To determine if the employee claims were valid, an extensive analysis was performed by comparing the job title, industry, geography and company size.

The results indicated that only 22 percent of the survey respondents were actually underpaid, while 15 percent may actually be overpaid (paid well above their fair market value) and 33 percent were paid reasonably close to their fair market value

Do you have to sign an e-mailed cover letter?
Abridged: The Boston Globe BOSTON, MA -- Cover letters sent in the mail should have a signature. A cover letter sent via e-mail does not need an actual signature, although you could embed a signature picture file. Be sure the cover letter e-mail has a signature block that includes your name, address, phone number, and e-mail address - all the elements that make it easy to contact you.

When a cover letter and resume are sent by e-mail, they should be embedded in the e-mail as plain text and not sent as attachments, unless the employer specifically requests attachments. When copying the letter or resume to an e-mail, be sure to remove any formatting that word processors might add to make the resume or cover letter look good.

Make sure your e-mail looks good and is formatted cleanly by first sending it to yourself and/or a friend. Check it after receiving it to ensure there are no spelling or grammatical errors.


American's view of the current job market
Abridged: New York Times NEW YORK, NY -- Nearly three in ten Americans say they're very concerned that they or someone in their household might lose their job in the next 12 months, according to the latest New York Times-CBS News poll. Overall the poll reported, the public is divided in its assessment of the job market. Nearly half of all Americans (48 percent) say that when it comes to the availability of good jobs for American workers, the best years are behind us. Forty-three percent say the best times are yet to come.

Among those more likely have a negative outlook include men, less-educated and lower-income Americans. As far as having to look for a new job over the next year, nearly three in 10 Americans, 28 percent, are very concerned that they or someone they live with will be out of work, while another one in four are somewhat concerned about this. More than four in 10 are not at all concerned.

The group that would seemingly be hurt most by the loss of a job, lower-income Americans, are more likely to express a great deal of concern about that happening. More than four in 10 people in households earning less than $50,000 a year are very concerned they'll be out of work, compared with fewer than two in 10 people earning more.


Describe your ideal job
Abridged: Lockergnome LLC LOS ANGELES, CA -- This is one of those general questions that interviewers often throw at potential employees. There is no right or wrong answer to this question. It just gives an interviewer a glimpse at your personality and the responses can be used to weed out potential candidates. Your answer will also indicate to an interviewer whether your goals are in line with those of their company.

The best thing you can do is prepare for this question before going for into the interview. Answering this question does require you to take a look at what your strengths and weaknesses are, what you have liked and disliked about your current and previous jobs, and where you would like to go with your career in the future.

Keep in mind though that this is not the time to rant about all the things you disliked about previous jobs. Once you've thought about the things you have disliked, you can then describe an ideal job as the opposite of what you have disliked. Although this seems like a lot to tackle, the best thing you can do is be honest and of course professional.

Address shortcomings head on during interview
Abridged: Career Post Online
CHERRY HILL, NJ -- At a job interview, try to uncover any outstanding issues by asking, "Is there anything about my background that I can clarify that might otherwise prevent a next step from taking place?" according to Dan Silver, director of career development at Team Builders Plus in Cherry Hill. In the event that a potential employer identifies a "background liability," Silver recommends following these steps:

Acknowledge the concern and show you are grateful for the opportunity to address the issue. Qualify the job requirements. Once the potential employer agrees with your understanding of the position, the conversation has moved back to the core needs of the job, not the liability.

Ask "If I can further illustrate that these are areas at which I have excelled by delivering significant benefits to previous companies, would that at least partially allay your concerns?" Chances are high the interviewer will agree

We need your help; good people always seem to know good people - that's why we place a high value on the recommendations we receive from our candidates. If the person you refer for one of these six positions is hired we’ll send you a $250.00 gift card. For a complete list of all open jobs please visit us at http://www.greenlinegroup.net/jobs.htm


CAM Engineer – Chicago
Must have 2+ years experience on Valor Genesis


Quality Manager – Southwest
Our client has an opening for a senior level quality director that has experience maintaining certifications, writing corrective actions to departments that are violating written procedures. Candidate needs to have extensive background in PCB manufacturing and ISO in a high technology product environment. Must have strong customer interaction skills.


Managing Director (Europe)
Managing Director is responsible and accountable for the coordination of the operational activities associated with the manufacturing of Printed Circuit Boards to meet or exceed requirements of quality and delivery performance to the end user.

Duties include but are not limited to:

·         Achievement of production goals through managing improvement in production output, including researching and developing methods to ensure and increase efficiency and productivity.

·         Analyzing the manufacturing process and developing, staffing and scheduling routines within the process to meet output requirements and analyzing and eliminating non value added activities.

·         Establish, monitor and maintain performance measurements in yield, manpower and throughput, ensuring they are visible throughout.

·         Working with counterparts in Engineering and Quality through participation in daily Materials Review Board (MRB) to review process performance measures and discrepant material reports and develop corrective action plans to reduce manufacturing costs and improvement  through-put

·         Participate in quarterly quality reviews, in addition to the continuous collection of data on problems and issues to be prioritized and solved.

·         Sign off on process deviations and Engineering Change Notifications (ECN’s)

·         Approve all new and revised process instructions

·         Maintain positive rapport with all support groups through a teamwork approach

·         Select develop train and appraise all members of production management staff

·         Actively participate to ensure compliance of quality programs throughout manufacturing

·         Other duties and projects as assigned.

Director of Engineering-Germany
Responsible for all engineering activities, including technology road maps, research and development, processing engineering, product engineering, and revenue generation for a Printed Circuit Board facility. Requires a Bachelor's Degree. Direct manufacturing experience a big plus.

Process Chemical Engineer – Plating-Southwest
Primary responsibility is sustaining of processes in the Plating area in support of the manufacturing of printed circuit boards. Responsible for production support, process evaluation, and improvement of manufacturing processes utilizing statistical experimental methodologies, DOE (Design of Experiments), project management for capital equipment justification and installation of high velocity production systems. Interfaces with manufacturing, engineering, suppliers, and customers. Specific expertise in electrolytic and electroless plating techniques desired. Requires exceptional, demonstrated ability in both technical circuit board technology techniques, and general communication and leadership skills. Bachelor or Master of Science in Chemical Engineering, Industrial / Manufacturing or related field preferred with 3-5 years experience in circuit board manufacturing.

Account Manager CA Bay Area
Job Description: Account Manager in CA Bay Area Reports To: Vice President Sales.  Area: To provide direct sales support for our Client for the development of new business opportunities. Our client is a manufacturer of printed circuit boards and printed circuit board assemblies, for the electronics industry. Responsibilities:

• Direct sales responsibility for the development of new accounts and growth in major accounts in the Bay Area of California. New accounts are defined as those that will be qualified as good potential revenue accounts for our Client.

• Work closely with customers, program management, manufacturing, engineering and materials to achieve the closing of new business and meet projected budget goals.

• Will need to provide detailed account profiles as contacts are made and potential or existing customers’ needs become available.

• Outline and prepare New Business Opportunity reports.

• Must have experience within the printed circuit board and / or EMS industry. • Excellent organizational and communications skills.

• Ability to travel 50% + of the time, within North America and Asia.

• Prefer candidate with collage degree.

• Prefer local candidate, currently based in the CA Bay Area.

Please take a moment and email us with an updated resume if you have not done so recently.

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