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News for Your Career in the Electronics Industry

July 2008


The Greenline Report

News for Your Career in the Electronics Industry

July 2008


Do your research BEFORE the interview
Abridged: Fox News DENVER, CO -- Research and find out about the company you are interviewing with. One of the first questions an employer may ask is, "What do you know about us?" At the least, know what products/services the company provides, how long it has been in business and something about its reputation. Your knowledge of the company demonstrates your interest in working there.

Conduct salary research. You should find out what the market rate is for the job you are interviewing for in advance of the meeting. Take into account your experience and the location. If the salary question comes up, you will be prepared to make an educated response. You can find salary information by calling the company's human resources department, looking at job postings for similar jobs or looking at salary surveys on the Internet.

Research the interviewer. If you know the person you will be meeting, try to find out something about him/her. Perhaps the interviewer is an alumni from your school, was recently promoted or won a citizenship award. Slipping this information into a conversation will be impressive, if you do it judiciously

Getting back on track and refocused
Abridged: Job Seeker Weekly MIAMI, FL -- Loss of confidence is the main issue that derails a successful job search. It can hurt a job candidate's marketability and successful reentry to the job market. Here are a couple of tips to assist you in getting refocused and back on track. Focus on your greatest assets. Years of work and practical experience have given you many marketable skills, make sure that you are advertising these skills to the people that could utilize them.

Get out and about and network! Isolation will lower your spirits and keep you from connecting with people who can assist you in getting a job. During this time, increase the reading you do within your area of expertise. Get free-magazine subscriptions to all those trade and general business magazines in your area of employability.

No matter what business you're in, there are trade magazines to help you improve professionally. Trade magazines help keep you current with your industry, improve your business and improve your profitability. There are a lot of trade magazines covering a variety of industries; topics include technology, IT management, marketing, business technology and e-business and more. There are many excellent articles in these trade magazines each month. Your biggest problem will be that there is never enough time to read them all!


Networking in the 21st Century
Abridged: Yahoo! HotJobs MOUNTIAN VIEW, CA -- Networking is probably the best opportunity you'll ever have to make connections, build relationships and help yourself and others in the networking group succeed. Networking with like-minded individuals is also a great way to explore new career options, learn more about a specific industry, gather insights from peers on critical business issues and grow professionally.

Think about what you want to accomplish by joining a particular networking group. Are you looking for a job, trying to develop new business or do you want to expand your network of contacts and become known as the go-to person in the industry? You can choose to be either an active or passive member of the group, but will get the most out of the experience by regularly attending and participating in the activities.

Once you decide on the networking group that matches your goals, you can immediately increase your visibility by volunteering to participate on a committee. According to Executive Career Consultant Kathleen Jennings, "It's not who you know, it's who knows you." Joining a professional networking group is an opportunity for you to gain access and exposure to people you might not otherwise meet.


Job hunting takes personal effort on your part
Abridged: Marvinwalberg.blogspot.com BIRMINGHAM, AL -- I've said it many times: "Nothing beats the smile, eye contact, and hand shake!" I also said, years ago when the Internet first got started that the day would come when job seekers would sit at their computers, unshaven or hair in rollers, expecting to get hired before getting dressed. It doesn't, and won't happen, without effort on your part.

I believe that the best purpose of the Internet for job seekers is for information, research and applying to job vacancies. The Internet has become an integral part of the job-hunting process. Any job-hunters who fail to access the information, contacts, job listings, assessment tests and research opportunities that the Internet has to offer are putting themselves at a serious disadvantage.

It's also important to note that most large employers refer all requests for references to their human resource department. So if you are feeling cautious about listing a previous supervisor, simply refer prospective employers to the director of human resources. You should list previous co-workers whom you know will give you positive feed-back. It will be best for you and your previous employer to present the facts accurately, and without prejudice.

Job-hunting challenges after 50
Abridged: Signonsandiego.com
SAN MARCOS, CA -- In a career that spans more than four decades, Kathryn Coverston has had her share of highs and lows. She's doubled her salary more than once, she's had job offers without asking, and she's received promotions. On the other hand, she has not been immune to the vagaries of the economy and the job market. She has been laid off three times.

After each setback, Kathryn, 63, has bounced back with a mix of flexibility, determination and a network of contacts. After she lost her human resources job last year, Kathryn enrolled in an eight-month course to train for a new career. With diploma in hand, she is scouring websites, developing contacts and visiting employers to find a job as a medical receptionist.

Her latest career chapter began last year when she was laid off from her job as human resources coordinator. Last fall, Coverston began a course at Vista Adult School to train for a medical office career. Since completing the course last month, Coverston has begun looking for work as a receptionist in a hospital or medical office. "It's exciting and a little scary," Coverston said. "But I have great skills and lots of wonderful experience. I love people, and it shows. I will go over and above what is expected

We need your help; good people always seem to know good people - that's why we place a high value on the recommendations we receive from our candidates. If the person you refer for one of these six positions is hired we’ll send you a $250.00 gift card. For a complete list of all open jobs please visit us at http://www.greenlinegroup.net/jobs.htm

General Manager Asia

Our client is seeking a General Manager for a specialty chemical and solder business unit in Asia.

Job description :

          Responsible for the Asian Electronic Activity profit center and its development

          Responsible for margins, sales

          Responsible for structuring product offer

          Responsible for all operations including marketing and contribution to the electronic strategy worldwide

          Follow up of competitors

          Coordination of the technical support

          Responsible for financial oversight.

Educational background: degree in engineering preferable although not mandatory
Experience of at least 5 years in sales or marketing of electronics chemicals, equipments or semi finished components (like Pcb).
Very good compensation package

Quality Manager – Southwest
Our client has an opening for a senior level quality director that has experience maintaining certifications, writing corrective actions to departments that are violating written procedures. Candidate needs to have extensive background in PCB manufacturing and ISO in a high technology product environment. Must have strong customer interaction skills.

Managing Director (Germany)
Managing Director is responsible and accountable for the coordination of the operational activities associated with the manufacturing of Printed Circuit Boards to meet or exceed requirements of quality and delivery performance to the end user.

Duties include but are not limited to:

·         Achievement of production goals through managing improvement in production output, including researching and developing methods to ensure and increase efficiency and productivity.

·         Analyzing the manufacturing process and developing, staffing and scheduling routines within the process to meet output requirements and analyzing and eliminating non value added activities.

·         Establish, monitor and maintain performance measurements in yield, manpower and throughput, ensuring they are visible throughout.

·         Working with counterparts in Engineering and Quality through participation in daily Materials Review Board (MRB) to review process performance measures and discrepant material reports and develop corrective action plans to reduce manufacturing costs and improvement  through-put

·         Participate in quarterly quality reviews, in addition to the continuous collection of data on problems and issues to be prioritized and solved.

·         Sign off on process deviations and Engineering Change Notifications (ECN’s)

·         Approve all new and revised process instructions

·         Maintain positive rapport with all support groups through a teamwork approach

·         Select develop train and appraise all members of production management staff

·         Actively participate to ensure compliance of quality programs throughout manufacturing

·         Other duties and projects as assigned.

Director of Engineering-Germany
Responsible for all engineering activities, including technology road maps, research and development, processing engineering, product engineering, and revenue generation for a Printed Circuit Board facility. Requires a Bachelor's Degree. Direct manufacturing experience a big plus.

Account Manager San Francisco Bay Area
Job Description: Account Manager in San Francisco Bay Area Reports To: Vice President Sales.  Area: To provide direct sales support for our Client for the development of new business opportunities. Our client is a manufacturer of printed circuit boards and printed circuit board assemblies, for the electronics industry. Responsibilities:

• Direct sales responsibility for the development of new accounts and growth in major accounts in the Bay Area of California. New accounts are defined as those that will be qualified as good potential revenue accounts for our Client.

• Work closely with customers, program management, manufacturing, engineering and materials to achieve the closing of new business and meet projected budget goals.

• Will need to provide detailed account profiles as contacts are made and potential or existing customers’ needs become available.

• Outline and prepare New Business Opportunity reports.

• Must have experience within the printed circuit board and / or EMS industry. • Excellent organizational and communications skills.

• Ability to travel 50% + of the time, within North America and Asia.

• Prefer candidate with college degree.

• Prefer local candidate, currently based in the CA Bay Area.

Please take a moment and email us with an updated resume if you have not done so recently. resume@greenlinegroup.net

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