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December 2007


Employers increasingly jilted by job seekers
Abridged: MSNBC.com NEW YORK, NY -- The first step to acing the interview: Show up! I know this sounds obvious, but apparently not to everyone. "It happens all the time lately," says Emmanuel Conde, director of recruitment for Alliant Technologies, an information-technology staffing firm that estimates about 50 percent of entry-level IT professionals they try to place don't show up for interviews. Among senior level folks, about 20 percent skip it.

The no-show phenomenon is a growing problem for many recruiters and hiring managers, and it's pervasive in a host of industries from high tech to health care. Career experts believe an increasingly tight labor market and the deterioration of common courtesy is contributing to the trend, but it may also be that job applicants are also being treated as commodities today.
"Companies get thousands of resumes, and no human being can read them all. So everyone is a cog in a wheel, a commodity," says Seth Godin, author of "The Dip: A Little Book That Teaches You When to Quit (and When to Stick).”

Nonetheless, not showing up can come back to haunt you. You'll risk being labeled unreliable, and word could get out that you flake out. If you get a better offer, however, Godin says a job applicant would be nuts not to blow off a previous interview commitment that conflicts. "Get as many job interviews as you can on Monday, and then take the best ones," he explains. But, remember to call to cancel the ones you can't attend.

How to answer weird interview questions
Abridged: Career Journal NEW YORK, NY -- Career experts advise job applicants to rehearse answers to common questions ahead of the interview. But what's a job seeker to do when asked an oddball query like: "What is your perception of the painting in the lobby?" That question -- along with "Can you tell a joke?" and "What would you do with a million dollars?" -- were among some of the most bizarre questions posed by interviewers in the past year, according to a survey of 3,725 job hunters by Development Dimensions International (DDI) Inc. and Monster Worldwide Inc.

Cathy Goodwin, a career consultant in Seattle, says some interviewers ask strange questions because it's company policy. "They don't know how to interpret them any more than you do," she says. The purpose is often to see how well job seekers think on their feet, so when posed an off-kilter question, it's best to not get rattled, she adds. No matter how bizarre the question, offer a response, says Tom Gimbel, chief executive officer of The LaSalle Network, a recruiting firm based in Chicago. "Not answering doesn't accomplish anything," he says.

Beyond the goofy questions are the inappropriate ones. The DDI/Monster survey indicates that hiring managers also pose queries about personal matters. You may be able to avoid giving a direct answer to an intrusive question by guessing the interviewer's motivation, says Scott Erker, a senior vice president at DDI, an executive-search consulting firm in Pittsburgh, Pa. For example, if an interviewer asks how many children you have, assume he or she wants to know if you'll be able to balance work and family, he explains. Answer by describing your ability to get the job done, says Mr. Erker.


Don’t mind me, I’m just texting
Abridged: PhillyBurbs.com PHILADELPHIA, PA -- Hey you! Yes, you with your iPod earbuds and your unlimited texting plan. If you've been on a dozen interviews in the past two months and still don't have a job, the problem might be in the palm of your hand. It's not just resumes that are catching hiring managers' eyes but job candidates who don't know when to give their gadgets a rest, displaying more interest in their electronics than their careers.

To be fair, for a younger generation, our tech-oriented culture makes it hard to know what's appropriate and what isn't. When you post your resume on a recruiting Web site, set up the interview online while downloading music and then use your cell phone to call and confirm your appointment, why is it so wrong to walk into the office waiting room playing a game on your portable device? Most employers will see it as a sign of disrespect and/or inability to give your job first priority during work hours.

All too often, interviewers are watching people answer a cell call or text message in an interview. "Don't come to the interview with your iPod, your cell phone, your cup of coffee or anything else other than yourself and a portfolio with an extra copy of your resume and your list of references," says Alison Doyle, a job-search expert. Studies have found that your nonverbal communication will have more than triple the impact of your actual words.

Americans find their jobs to be empty of meaning
Abridged: American Dream Project SAN DIEGO, CA -- For over 3 years the American Dream Project has been working to ensure that Americans are striving to live their personal dreams and that America is a physically and psychologically healthy society for all. As part of their mission, they have been conducting an online Dream Life Assessment polling over 10,000 people. This questionnaire asks participants to grade themselves on key questions related to their lifestyle, relationships, and career. The results of the assessment are not only fascinating but also staggering.

According to the assessment, while people spend more time at their jobs than ever before, people are also least satisfied in this arena of their lives. Whereas one's career, according to Will Marre, founder of American Dream Project, should be "your evolving means of self-expression, or better yet, soul expression," Americans are finding their careers empty of meaning, satisfaction, and value. Of the 6,705 people who answered the survey, nearly 75% feel unsuited for their career and find their work to be void of value, joy, and meaning.

These findings correspond to several other national surveys regarding employment satisfaction. Marre stated that because of the American Dream Project's survey, he felt the results point to job dissatisfaction being a major cause of America's chronic health woes. Marre reported that over 65 million Americans suffer from disrupted sleep, heart disease, ulcers, immune system failure, eating disorders, and depression, which are rooted in chronic anxiety.

Potential employees turned off by bad interviews
Abridged: Barons NEW YORK, NY -- Our career choices are the most important investment decisions we'll ever make -- because that paycheck underwrites so many other bets, like housing, education and retirement. And a growing number of employees have concluded that the best way to move up is to move around. According to international-employment-matchmaker Randstad's latest World of Work Survey, more than half of today's employed are searching the Internet for a better situation; yet most profess to be happy in their current jobs, despite a 41-to-60-hour work week.

A just-released study by the Conference Board confirms that almost three-quarters of job-seekers are pounding virtual pavement. They're scanning Internet job boards like Monster.com or CareerBuilder.com and networking with friends, acquaintances and friends of acquaintances on sites like Facebook and its business-networking predecessor LinkedIn.

Most job hunters simply scout employer offerings on job sites, but significant percentages also post resumes and register for e-mail alerts of openings. And these aren't necessarily unhappy campers, insists Harris Interactive, which conducted the Randstad study. "This year, we see the highest workforce morale in three years, mirrored by impressions of improved productivity and less pessimism about the state of the job market," writes Harris Senior Vice President Deanna Wert. "These workers are looking to cash in on their skills," adds Wert, "and are more likely to switch jobs than at any time in the past five years.”

We need your help; good people always seem to know good people - that's why we place a high value on the recommendations we receive from our candidates. If the person you refer for one of these five positions is hired we’ll send you a $250.00 gift card. For a complete list of all open jobs please visit us at http://www.greenlinegroup.net/jobs.htm

Wet Process Manager
Our client needs Wet Process Manager.  This position requires an individual who can work in a fast-paced production environment, in multiple facilities.  Job duties include:  managing the areas of artwork preparation, photo printing, solder mask, plating, and etching.  Overseeing an allocating personnel, material, and equipment resources to meet production schedules.  Monitoring production and quality performance and adjusting resources as necessary to meet production and quality goals.  Working with other departments such as Engineering, Quality Assurance, and Facilities to obtain necessary support to meet production and quality objectives.  Preparing performance appraisals, training plans, coaching documents, and other written tools for development of employees.  Implementing statistical process control (SPC), lean manufacturing, and team building to improve the production and quality performance of these manufacturing areas.

The successful candidate will possess, as a minimum, a Bachelor degree in a technical or business discipline. This position requires, at minimum, 8 years of experience in manufacturing environment, in printed circuit board fabrication.

PCB Application Engineer – Mexico
1. The position is located in Guadalajara Mexico.
2. Provide support to the business manager technically and commercially by providing information quotation information to enable the business development manager to follow-up successfully with the customer(s).
3. Understand the requirements of the customer and address them through the vendors or other sources.
4. Resolve technical issues arising at the customer and vendor’ end.
5. Develop system and procedures to ensure supplies and deliveries are effected as per plan and customer’s requirements.
6. Develop vendor for the organization.
7. Work closely with QC representatives in the field to ensure products are shipped with zero defects.
8. In depth knowledge of requirements ISO, QS, TS, APQP, PPAP as relevant to the technology/ product areas - PCB and PCBA/EMS.
9. Remain updated with developments in the specific products and technology areas that are of direct interest to the employer’s business interest and provide feedback to enable the organization to leverage growth based on such developments.
10. Must be a hands on person.

1. Knowledge of PC Boards Design, Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing and Printed Circuit Board Assembly.

2. Technical Qualification, preferably a Degree in Electrical or Electronics Engineering

Sales Director – Semiconductor Capital Equipment – Taiwan
Key attributes for the ideal candidate include:
Minimum 5 years
of relevant experience in sales, marketing or application of semiconductor equipment products in Taiwanese market. Prefer related business development experience in the semiconductor capital equipment and industrial markets. Leverage resources and sell all products solutions and services into assigned prospects and new divisions of existing customers. Drive revenue and close opportunities by matching our client solutions to customer decision makers.
Identify opportunities to develop a sales proposition. Ability to establish and build relationships at all levels. Ability to identify and sell our client solutions to meet account needs. Coordinate all resources working with account through close of sale and hand off to Program Managers. Demonstrated ability to make continuous improvements in high demand, dynamic industry. Strong command of business and technical abilities required penetrate and grow key customers and accounts.

Strong presentation, sales, negotiation and influencing skills. Strong network of OEM's in semiconductor capital equipment and industrial markets.
Additional requirements:
Prefer Bachelors business or technical discipline or equivalent certification and experience.
Must be willing to travel up to 50% throughout Asia.

Must have excellent command of both English and Mandarin.

Technical Sales Manager – Taiwan

We are seeking a Technical Sales Manager to be based in Taiwan. The individual should possess a strong background in the support of solder assembly products or solder assembly capital equipment; with applications including SMT, wave soldering, and hand soldering. Frequent domestic and international travel is necessary for this position.

Quality Engineer UK
Includes but not limited to: aiding in the analysis of products and processes to elaborate response to current quality issues and work towards eliminating future quality problems; responsibility over the customer complaint process including writing of corrective action reports, development of quality improvement plans; act as a liaison in planning, communicating and resolving quality issues; assist in manufacturing and engineering in identifying and eliminating root cause failures; prepare procedures related to the quality function; work the necessary hours to fulfill the business demands.

Qualifications: Must have: 2 years in Quality Engineering activities, 2 years experience in Printed circuit board manufacturing and/or assembly manufacturing environment, ASQ certification strong knowledge of ISO requirements and MIL-31032/MIL55110, good communication skills

Please take a moment and email us with an updated resume if you have not done so recently. resume@greenlinegroup.net

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