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August 2007


Win the job: Make yourself the solution!
Abridged: California Job Journal On the day you realize that the basic aim of every organization is to stay in business, your job search can make a quantum leap. Because that's the day you can position yourself as a walking, talking, living, breathing solution -- someone who can contribute to their success.

When you start thinking of yourself as a solution to employers' problems, you will stand out from the hordes of ordinary jobseekers who think only about their own problems in finding a job. As a job hunter, you increase your value exponentially when you focus on the employers' needs and how you can solve their problems.

'Solution selling' is in vogue all across America for a very good reason -- it works. In solution selling, you begin by understanding the needs of your customer's business. Only then do you suggest how your product can fill those needs. Solution sales people focus on the benefits of their product, not the features. And the benefits they emphasize are ones they know the buyer needs, based on the research they've done and the 'pain points' they've uncovered. The same applies when selling yourself to an employer.

Changing careers can be scary
Abridged: Jobwerx.com Seattle, WA -- It can be scary to change careers after spending most of our lives doing one thing. We depend on our jobs, not just for financial security, but as a part of our identities. So when we change careers, we're changing lifestyles too. Our careers make us who we are, and are often the one thing that is constant in life. So what do we do when we feel like it's time for a change?

Just make sure you're changing careers for the right reasons. If you're unhappy with your life overall, changing jobs is not the cure. If your job is the problem, make a game plan in your mind, or keep a log. Do whatever you have to do to find what you're looking for. This may take some time, but realize that your happiness is worth it.

If opportunity doesn't come knocking at your door, find another doorway. There are always ways you can help yourself, so make use of your natural resources. It can be hard changing careers, but don't let your fears get in the way. If you don't do anything, nothing will happen. So take a chance and get out in the world.


Job search times get shorter, prospects get better
Abridged: CNNMoney New York, NY -- Employment seekers found positions 17 percent faster between April and June than in the previous quarter, according to the Job market Index by employment search firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc. The survey said that labor shortages spurred by low unemployment are allowing job seekers to secure higher salaries and more generous benefits.

The biggest improvement was in job seekers above age 50, whose search times decreased by an average of 32 percent from the previous quarter, according to the study. The firm cited the Bureau of Labor Statistics showing that the unemployment rate among workers aged 50 to 54 eased from 3.3 percent to 2.8 percent over the last two years.


The median job search time for people who got jobs was 3 months, down from 3.6 months in the previous quarter. The figure was 29 percent lower than a recent high of 4.2 months set in the third quarter of 2006. Almost 93 percent of those seekers said they were able to get equivalent or better-quality positions, compared with nearly 91 percent last quarter.

A simple thanks is all they ask - and it pays!
Abridged: NY Times WASHINGTON D.C. -- There's a new twist on the old counterfeit check scam. Criminals are targeting job seekers -- presumably the very people who can least afford to be cheated out of more than $2,000. The scam has surfaced in Wilmington, Delaware, where victims were enticed by a small ad in the News Journal, a local newspaper.

"No experience necessary -- paid training," the ad promised.
Wilmington police say that at least three readers fell for it, quickly discovering it was too good to be true. Those who called the phone number in the ad received an employment packet from Phoenix Direct marketing Group, along with a check for $2,500. Applicants were told the check was supposed to be for $250, to cover the applicant's two hours of training. The applicants were instructed to deposit the check, then send back a check for $2,250.

That's where this scam becomes just like all the rest of the fake check scams. When the victims deposited the checks for $2,500, which were clever forgeries, the deception was not immediately noticed. It was not until the victims had wired $2,250 of their own money to the scammer that the fake checks bounced. Police say the checks were written on phony accounts at the Kilowatt Credit Union in Jefferson City, Missouri.

Selling yourself to strangers
Abridged: CareerLab.com DENVER, CO -- When mounting a job search, after you have sent letters to personal friends, business acquaintances, and recruiters, use sales letters to pursue people you don't know. The letter to friends is like the grand opening for a store. It's the first step in your marketing campaign. It announces your candidacy to the world and launches your job search.

Write to recruiters second, because they are in the employment business. Although they're paid by the employers they fill jobs for, they match candidates with employment opportunities all day long. There just might be a fit for you. If you skip the friendship and recruiter letters and start with direct mail to companies, you're skipping two important building blocks in a campaign, and you may lengthen your job search unnecessarily.

Sales letters are letters of self-introduction. They make "cold calls" for you and open doors that appear closed. Use them to scan the market to see who might be interested in talking further. Save yourself from being beaten up on the telephone (although you must follow most letters with a call). Calling to follow up on a well-written letter is much easier than calling cold.

We need your help; listed below are five very rewarding positions that we need qualified referrals for. If the person you refer for one of these five positions is hired we’ll send you a $100.00 gift card. For a complete list of all open jobs please visit us at http://www.greenlinegroup.net/jobs.htm

Manager of Customer Service – Germany
Responsible for leading the European Service organization in support of all the company's products in the region's installed base. Also responsible for coordinating the support of European-based OEMs that sell products into other international regions.


·         Organize customer support activities for all the company's products in Europe

·         Provide leadership and direct management of the company's customer support organizations in Europe

·         Interface with, manage, and control service subcontractors

·         Ensure the alignment of tactical European service activities with overall strategies and objectives of the company's Global Services organization

·         Drive the growth initiatives of the European services business through the marketing and support of value-added service offerings such as educational and consulting services, contract sales, used equipment sales, product upgrades, conversions, and refurbishment offerings

Country Manager – Germany
Responsible in Europe for maintaining market presence for designated products and services, and aggressively seeking new and diverse market opportunities in support of corporate initiatives. Through key relationships with major OEM and end-user customers, the person in this position drives success criteria for adapting country organization to changing market needs in sales and service. He/she also owns the development of strategies and tactics customized for the region's needs, and must maintain excellent communication and cooperation with other divisions, including other remote operations, corporate FBU's and SBU's, and direct report teams.


·         Directs all business operations of the country or region, including administrative functions such as finance and human resources

·         Drives profitable product and service revenue growth in the region

·         Develops competitive strategies to increase sales

·         Establishes, implements, and communicates monthly, quarterly, and annual regional business forecasts and objectives

·         Develops, maintains, and continuously improves management systems that ensure the awareness and successful deployment of corporate objectives into local/regional annual objectives, tactics, and measures

·         Establishes country-specific pricing and positioning of each product line, leading to the optimum combination of revenues and margin

·         Manages regional budgets, expenses, and balance sheet statements

·         Manages regional marketing programs, including all budgets and promotional activities

·         Ensures effective support from the SBU's to the region to effectively develop new business opportunities

·         Supports staff in developing relationships with key customers and focusing on quality services and products

·         Assists with development, planning, and implementation of corporate goals

·         Directs individual employees towards successful employment, promotions, and training

·         Communicates all pertinent procedural, developmental, and fiscal information to management in a timely, accurate, and professional manner

·         Communicates regional market intelligence, driving key shifts in industry direction

·         Supports staff to ensure the availability and use of effective tools in achieving optimal performance and communication



Minimum of 10 years experience in the following areas:

·         Personnel management

·         Extensive experience in the semiconductor and TFT industry, prefer sub-system experience

·         Technical background and experience in electronics

·         Knowledge of thin film physics or semiconductor processing

·         Experience in management position with emphasis on small teams


·         Prefer 5 years of sales experience (with at least three years in sales management), including responsibility for contract negotiation, marketing, pricing, proposal generation, strategic planning, office management, and order processing

·         Direct experience in semiconductor operations, or related industry

·         Experience in managing technical services, including repair, training, and applications

Local and international travel is required; approximately 25-35% should be expected.

Quality Manager – California
Our client has an opening for a senior level quality director that has experience maintaining certifications, writing corrective actions to departments that are violating written procedures. Candidate needs to have extensive background in PCB manufacturing and ISO in a high technology product environment. Must have strong customer interaction skills.

Technical Support Engineer – China
We are seeking a Technical Support Engineer, for a consumable supplier to PCBA and EMS companies in Asia. The individual should have a strong background in the support of solder assembly products and there applications for SMT and wave soldering. Must have 3 + years of SMT and wave solder experience.

Managing Director (Europe)
Managing Director is responsible and accountable for the coordination of the operational activities associated with the manufacturing of Printed Circuit Boards to meet or exceed requirements of quality and delivery performance to the end user.

Duties include but are not limited to:

·         Achievement of production goals through managing improvement in production output, including researching and developing methods to ensure and increase efficiency and productivity.

·         Analyzing the manufacturing process and developing, staffing and scheduling routines within the process to meet output requirements and analyzing and eliminating non value added activities.

·         Establish, monitor and maintain performance measurements in yield, manpower and throughput, ensuring they are visible throughout.

·         Working with counterparts in Engineering and Quality through participation in daily Materials Review Board (MRB) to review process performance measures and discrepant material reports and develop corrective action plans to reduce manufacturing costs and improvement  through-put

·         Participate in quarterly quality reviews, in addition to the continuous collection of data on problems and issues to be prioritized and solved.

·         Sign off on process deviations and Engineering Change Notifications (ECN’s)

·         Approve all new and revised process instructions

·         Maintain positive rapport with all support groups through a teamwork approach

·         Select develop train and appraise all members of production management staff

·         Actively participate to ensure compliance of quality programs throughout manufacturing

·         Other duties and projects as assigned.

Please take a moment and email us with an updated resume if you have not done so recently. resume@greenlinegroup.net

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